About Gallery

ART-VOLGA Gallery - the online gallery representing the artists of Povolzhskiy region of Russia worldwide.

Using the unlimited opportunities which Internet provides in the way of distributing the information, we give the Russian artists living away from the well-known cultural centers an excellent opportunity to become popular not only locally, but worldwide, by presenting their artworks in our gallery. It is the perfect opportunity for them to get new orders and clients, start new creative contacts and find new admirers. The main task of ART-VOLGA Gallery is to help the artists to sale the artworks presented in our online gallery.

ART-VOLGA Gallery actively cooperates with the professional organizations representing the interests of art community. These organizations mainly include the regional branches of the Russian Artists Union, and our gallery has established strong business contacts with all of them.

Our exposition policy assumes the maximal openness and readiness to cooperate with all artists, irrespective of their geographical place of residence. Therefore on our site you can find the artworks not only from artists of Povolzhskiy region, but also from other regions. The only criterion of artworks selection to the gallery exposition is the professionalism and talent of the author.

In contrast with other online galleries trading the 'remote' art, we offer only the artworks which are available directly 'here and now'. It allows us to quickly solve all the questions connected with placing and accepting your order, including the quality check of the artworks offered.

We try to give our visitors and clients a maximum of opportunities to work with the art placed in the gallery. The following services are available right now:

We do everything possible for you to be satisfied with your choice of art!

How To Buy

So, you have decided to buy one of the artworks presented in our gallery. The process of purchasing the artwork is very simple. Please, read below the detailed description of this process and the steps of order processing. We hope that this information will answer your questions that have probably arisen.

The process of ordering the artwork can be divided into four steps.

  1. Step 1. Ordering.

    While browsing the artworks presented in our gallery and having become interested in one of them, you click on its small image and go to the page with the detailed description of the given artwork and its enlarged image. On this page you can use different services1), including such services as making inquiry about receiving additional information on the given artwork and its high-quality large images.

    On the same page you can place the order for this artwork. For this purpose click on the 'Buy' button. In the opened window fill in the necessary fields and press the 'Order' button, this will send the submitted data to our processing center. Don't forget to include your contact information, so we can contact you. If the process of ordering was successful you will receive the E-mail message confirming the receiving of your order.

    You have an opportunity to suggest your own price for the artwork, if the current price does not suit you. For this purpose press the 'Name Your Own Price'2) button, a pop-up window will appear where you can enter your price. Then press the 'Submit' button and submit the data to server. Wait for the page to reload and you will see your new price under the old one. After that you can continue ordering the artwork you are interested in for the price suggested by you3).

    When making your order you can also specify the way the picture will be transported in: on a stretcher (by default) or rolled 4), and also choose one of four express services for express delivery (FedEx, DHL, UPS, or EMS/USPS), or delivery by simple air mail.

  2. Step 2. Settling the conditions of the transaction.

    After receiving your order we check the availability of the artwork, terms and conditions of its sale and delivery to you. We will inform you about this by sending to your address an e-mail in which all conditions of the transaction are stipulated. In case the price offered by you is too small, we will first try to reach the agreement concerning the price, which suits both parties. Any other conditions of the order like variants, cost and terms of delivery, conditions and guarantees of return, discounts etc. can also be discussed and changed.

  3. Step 3. Payment.

    If the artwork you are interested in is available and we can sale and deliver it to you, then after reaching the agreement on all conditions of the transaction, you are given the access to the payment area (we will notify you of this by e-mail). You can access the payment area from any page of the website on which there is a field 'Check the Status of Your Order'. Use the e-mail address you gave us as the password to get access to it.

    Log in to your account and check or edit the details of your order, specify your personal information, delivery address. Confirm the order and accept the conditions of the transaction. Then you will be redirected to the server of Escrow.Com5), company, where the final step of the transaction takes place, therefore in further actions refer to the instructions provided by Escrow.Com.

    If you have never used Escrow.Com services before it will be necessary to register first. After the process of registration log in to your account and find your order in the list of active transactions. You can click on the link and receive detail information on it. On same page the service will offer you to pay for the order. The available payment methods are credit card, check or money order and wire transfer. You choose a way of payment and pay for the order. Escrow.Com will not release this sum of money to us until you receive your order and accept it.

    You can also pay for your order by transferring money directly to our bank account. In this case you save on Escrow charges (starting from 25 USD) and can choose the delivery by simple airmail, which is much cheaper than the delivery by express services. If you pay through Escrow.Com the delivery by simple air mail cannot be provided.

  4. Step 3. Delivery and acceptance of the order.

    As soon as Escrow.Com receives the money, we draw up the necessary documents for the artwork to pass the customs successfully and send it to your address by the express service chosen by you. After receiving the order you check the safety and authenticity of the delivered artworks and then accept the transaction at Escrow.Com. After that the transaction is considered to be completed.

    In case of payment for the order directly to our bank account or shipment by simple airmail, the order is sent immediately after receiving the funds to our personal banking account.

How To Buy

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  2. Buyer Pays Escrow.Com
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  3. Seller Ships Merchandise
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  4. Buyer Accepts the Merchandise
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  5. Escrow.Com Pays the Seller
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